Produced by Rock & Roll Kitchen® Films, Creedence Forever has elevated the tribute band genre to an exciting new level. Blending national-level musicians, film making and multi-media content, their approach is musically and visually compelling, with great entertainment value as the takeaway.

ROCK & ROLL KIITCHEN® FILMS is a boutique creative agency which produces high-quality film and photography, having worked with six members of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame®, including Brian Wilson (Beach Boys), Ginger Baker (Cream), Steven Adler (GNR) and Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick); plus 3-Time Grammy Winner P!nk, and many other notable players from bands including Styx, Pink Floyd, James Taylor, Enuff Znuff, Def Leppard and more.






This firsthand experience working with true rock legends and national-level musicians is brought into play with Creedence Forever, entitling them to lay claim to being the world's supreme CCR experience.

Always putting a great "team on the field" with their stellar talent, Creedence Forever brings an edge and excitement to the CCR classsics unmatched by any other tribute or cover band.

One example of its onstage talent are the spot-on vocals of Richard Perez, who wins over fans wherever and whenever he delivers the howling smoky growl of the Vietnam-era John Fogerty.


Formerly known as Creedence Again, every Chicago-based CCR tribute band first began their careers and received training from Creedence Forever and RRK Films. This includes Dan McGuinness, now with Creedence Clearwater Revisited - whose members have been engaged in ongoing legal battles with the singer/songwriter of CCR - John Fogerty.

Although Revisited features two original members of CCR, an overwhelming segment of Creedence fans are very vocal with online comments in pointing out that McGuinness lacks the authentic grit & growl of John Fogerty; many others voice their disdain with this act, stating that without John Fogerty, they would likely never have gone farther than being a local bar band.

Equally vocal are CCR fans who repeatedly comment that Creedence Forever is far more authentic in sound and quality vs. Revisited (thanks to all you real Creedence fans!)




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"The fact they’re running around calling themselves Creedence just sticks in my craw.” John Fogerty on CC Revisited



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